Mike Jones did not mean to “write” a short story for a little girl with EB that day. Hadn’t thought of cute Baby Mia and her Epidermolysis Bullosa in weeks, Godawful as it was.

As soon as he cleared the normal cluster of traffic around Columbia and settled in for that hour and a half drive to Charleston, he pushed his mind toward the fantasy mode. It was how he wrote; a little focus on a subject, then run rein-free, try to come up with something writable. Rub off the edges, add some twists, don’t even try to put it on paper until he pretty well had it set in his head. Then the paper drill began. Mike couldn’t type. Everything was hand-written on legal pads, his scribble interpreted later by Transcript-USA, a medical transcription service….

Today Mike needed to make some headway on his third novel. It was a follow-on to the other two books; the core fictional characters were already developed and since it was Western historical fiction he also had a plot line of sorts. This book would have the Battle Of The Little Big Horn and the death of Wild Bill Hickok as centerpieces, but would cover several years. He had even written the climax, but had not yet connected it all. He really needed to do that today… READ MORE:


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  1. I met you at a Civil War Show last Summer in Columbia. I am a Chaplain at Shaw AFB and currently deployed to Afghanistan. I thoroughly enjoyed both novels. In fact, I could not put them down, and read both in the span of 4 evenings after work. I love all the details about post-Civil War firearms. Very interesting and great story flow. God bless, and I anxiously await your third novel!

    David Knight

    • Thanks,Padre-I’m delighted that you liked them. Only half through with the third book, but the outline is complete. Please tell your contacts that might be interested that both books are on Kindle for $2.99 (or free thru KOLL). Keep your head down-Mike.

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