McKendree Long’s new release, Brodie is NOW AVAILABLE!

Brodie Dent wakes up in a brothel in 1879 Sweetwater, Texas, to learn that a robbery and murder have occurred downstairs.

The young ex-Ranger is quickly drafted to join the crusty town marshal on a vengeance ride, as the Marshal’s girlfriend was the murder victim. The only witness to the crime is the thirteen-year-old brain-damaged son of the murdered prostitute, and thus the boy must accompany Brodie and the marshal.

When the bandits abduct four women in nearby Tascosa, the mission of the posse changes from revenge to rescue, then to escape and later back to vengeance. In the process, a strained romance blossoms between Brodie and one of the kidnap victims, a woman both married and pregnant. Brodie is horribly wounded in the rescue―a development that later saves his life.

Higher Ground-Front-CoverThe third of the Superstition Gun Trilogy is Higher Ground.

Writing any historical takes skill and research, but Higher Ground is written by a combat veteran so his insight into battles is uncanny. The battle known as Custer’s Last Stand is so vivid in this book that you can almost hear the battle cries and smell the gun smoke. Higher Ground features a cast of characters that will keep you compelled to turn the page.

McKendree R. (Mike) Long III is a former soldier with two tours as an advisor to South Vietnamese Army units.  His awards and decorations include the Parachutist Badge, the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, the Silver Star, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry (Gold and Silver Stars).

He now devotes his time to his family, his writing, his guns, and travel. He is a gun enthusiast, life member of the NRA and VFW, and is active in Sertoma.  He is often found on Seabrook Island, S.C.

No-Good-Like-It-IsMike’s first novel, No Good Like It Is, is a winding tale of violence, tolerance, and changing racial acceptance.  In it, two hard-bitten Confederate cavalrymen barely survive the Civil War, riding with the famed Eighth Texas Cavalry.  They then must struggle home to the Texas Panhandle, while accumulating enough misfits and strays to populate a small village.  This rowdy historical fiction is filled with rich characters, both real and should-have-been.

Dog-Soldier-MoonThe sequel, Dog Soldier Moon, became available in December 2011. A centerpiece of this second historical novel is the attack by the Seventh Cavalry on a peaceful Cheyenne village on the Washita River in November 1868. Dog Soldier Moon took the Gold Medal for Historical Fiction, 2013, from the Military Writers Society of America.

BOTH books have been awarded finals honors in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards! Read the news HERE!



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  1. Hi Mr. Long, This is a very nice looking site. I will be sampling one of your books, they look great, it just won’t be real soon. As much time as I spend promoting, working my day job, and doing research on the book three of my thrilogy over-fills my time. I don’t know how you do it and get everything done, but I’m happy for you. Rod

  2. Discovering good books today is a tough task given the almost overwhelming supply of new books and new authors from which to choose. It’s a little like finding an exceptional wine from a boutique winemaker whose winery is off the beaten path.
    Mike’s books are both like that…well-written, exceptionmally accurate and scattered with facts and details most of us would never have known about otherwise. I’ve read them both, recommend them highly and look forward to the next one. Once you discover his books, you will wish he would write faster.
    D.B Jackson

    • Hi, Bobbie-I see Lyle Hedman occasionally (stay with him when I’m ‘working’ Myrtle Beach), and of course we see Mary’s family regularly (Jerry and Buddy Skipper, and her sisters)-that’s about it.

  3. I was trying to access the free kindle download for Dog Soldier Moon. I am W. R. Benton’s wife. We are offering one of our books later this week. Friend Gary L. Benton on FB if you haven’t already. Tell him “Mel” sent you.

    Keep your powder dry. Melanie

  4. Mr. Long; I picked up both of your books at Downtown Books in Walterboro. They are a very good read. I’m looking forward to whatever you cime up with next. I’m also into the NRA and am a gun collector. Thanks again for the great reads.

  5. Howdy there my friend how are you all doing,love your site wish I was that good on this old computer but its coming.Were friends on facebook but never got to talk that much,sure meet a lot of nice people on here. I sure want one of you books and myself I just love doing narations and wondered if your ever looking for a voice to do a video book why I sure would like to talk to you,wish I would have done something with my voice 40 years or so ago but never 2 late.Would love to make a poetry jamboree but there all quite a distance away.I have a couple of red sovines numbers on my timeline have a listen and let me know what you think. getting late but lets keep in touch talk again real soon old gar,,,

    • First book is done already. I appreciate the offer and will consider it if I decide to do another audiobook. Right now sales are so slow I don’t see it happening.

  6. Mike,

    I think you met my brother, Mike Brown, at a gun show in Hendersonville. Until moving to Mount Pleasant a month ago, My wife and I had lived on Seabrook for 16 years. I was deeply involved in development of The Horizon Plan, Seabrook branding and other Island affairs. We may have met at some time or another.

    Among my favorite genres are Old West and war novels. I consider Herman Wouk and Larry McMurtry in my top ten of best living authors. Now having been reminded of your work, I look forward to reading it.

    Jerry Brown

    • Nice to hear from you. I take it you have the novels, or will get them from Kindle.com, or from your brother. If that’s not the case, let me know. My granddaughter works in Mt Pleasant, and I can probably get them to you through her. Only place they’re for sale in the Charleston area is Indigo Books in Freshfields Village. I’m at: mike@mckendreelong.com, and the website is http://www.mckendreelong.com. High Hill Press has had the third book in the series since January, and I hope it will be out this year. Regards, Mike.

  7. Mr.Long,I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever,for your third book(after dog soldier moon).Is there any estimate on when it will be available for consumer purchase?The first two were just great.I was in the military for 23 years,including almost 15 months incountry Vietnam.The point I like best in your books is when theres firefighting to do,your men dont hesitate to usa all the force they can bring to bear,and keep on bringing it as long as needed.Also,they don’t cry and moan(mentally or physically)when having to defend their life or property.Keep up the great work.Realism is needed.RRR

    • Roy-Thanks for your comments. I finished the third book in January,and High Hill Press has it, but they haven’t given me an estimate of when it will be out. I’m eager too. I did get a short story published last month in an anthology called ROUGH COUNTRY; my story is CHOTEAU’S CROSSING and it’s a finalist for this year’s SPUR Award from Western Writers of America. The book has 14 other stories, all excellent, and sells for about $25 from Barnes and Noble. Not pushing it but if you want a signed copy, I can get one to you for $22, including postage. Or see me at a gun show and they’re $4 cheaper than that. Mike.

  8. Hi Mike ,
    I tried sending you an e-mail to the address I had but it no longer works.
    I hope all is going well. I am still am fighting the good fight and look forward to hearing from you again. I read a lot of westerns and as I said before yours are among the best. I don’t understand why you are not selling more.

    • Michael-I didn’t mean to complain about sales; both books have sold over 4000 copies now, and continue at 70-100 per month. Of course, I won’t be satisfied until it’s more like 1000 a month. Good email for me is mlong006@att.net. Third book in the series is being released in October, and I have several short stories being released in anthologies this year. Thanks for checking on me.

  9. Found your two books at Freshfields Village a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t been as thrilled and pleased reading a western story since the Lonesome Dove books were out. Your writing is to the point just the way I like my westerns.

    I just started Dog Soldier Moon and already it is becoming hard not to read it all in one sitting since I’m retired. The mix of weapons is startingly exact and refreshing to read about frontiersmen who carried them.

    Can hardly wait for your next book.

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